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Monday, September 15, 2014

Making Sure Your Outlines Will Scale With Your Artwork

How many times have you opened up some artwork and scaled it to a different size only to find that the outline width didn't scale with the artwork? There are a variety of ways to resolve this in CorelDRAW, though I've only found one way that is truly reliable. Even those of you dinosaurs using ancient versions of CorelDRAW will find this feature works. Yup, it has been in there for many versions now.

In CorelDRAW, select Edit | Find and Replace | Replace Objects. In the dialog box that appears select Replace outline pen properties and click Next to get the dialog box shown below.

Scale Outlines With Image
Choose the settings shown, where you are trying to find outlines with Scale outline with image set to Off and replacing it with Scale outline with image On. Click Finish and you'll get a small bar with five choices. Click Replace All and watch your outlines get fixed. The more objects you have in your drawing, the longer it will take. Even in complex files, it should complete quickly.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Uncle Miltie Inspired Today's Free Font

Download Milton Burlesque FontAs I was growing up, Milton Berle would appear on a wide variety of shows on television. He even appeared in a video for the heavy metal band Ratt's Round and Round video. That was back in the days when MTV actually played music videos. Why am I bringing up Milton Berle? Because I'm sure today's font, Milton Burlesque, is named in his honor. While we don't have Uncle Miltie to entertain us now, you can certainly add a font named after him to your design arsenal. Get your free copy!

Not sure how to download and install these free fonts? Make sure to read Downloading Fonts, Installing Fonts and Spam Filters for detailed instructions. Need help setting up an account for free stuff? Read Do You Have Account For Free Stuff On Graphics Unleashed?
Download Milton Burlesque Font

Milton Burlesque

Milton Burlesque Character Chart
Downloadable Product
Download Free Fonts

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mailbag Discusses Forgetfulness, Download Info, Seamless Textures and More

Foster's MailbagIt seems that my mailbag (OK, e-mail inbox) is always full of questions. Some of the questions are asked on a very regular basis. In nearly every case, the solution has been covered in a previous blog post. Today I wanted to go over those common questions and again provide the links to the solutions.

Forgotten Login Credentials and Serial Numbers

One question that always makes me shake my head a little and that is users are constantly forgetting login credentials or the serial numbers for a product. In almost every case, this information was originally provided to the user in an e-mail very clearly labeled with "save this information". If you can't remember your own information, how can you expect me to save the information for thousands of users?

I want to refer you all to the Choosing Strong Passwords and Remembering Them Easily post. If are you not choosing strong passwords, it is quite likely your account will get hacked. And if you do choose strong passwords, nobody is able to remember them. That's why you should all have a utility like Roboform that remembers them for you! I can only guess that most people would rather constantly forget login credentials or use unsecure passwords than spending a few dollars on an invaluable utility. I've been using Roboform for many years now and it does a great job of remembering my login credentials for hundreds of Web sites.

This forgetfulness extends to downloaded software and serial numbers. For that, please read Store Downloaded Software and Serial Numbers in a Safe Place. It really isn't that difficult to put everything in a location that is backed up regularly using a tool like GoodSync. This is something I've done for years and I always know where to go to get the software or serial number I need. Storing the software in a safe place and making note of serial numbers costs you nothing but a little time. GoodSync does have a small cost which is very worthwhile if you know your data is safely and regularly backed up.

Downloading Content

A small percentage of users who purchase downloadable content from Graphics Unleashed report they are having trouble downloading the content. It is frustrating to those users and equally frustrating to me as we provide a PDF with a lot of details in their order confirmation e-mail.

In almost every case, the user either has a download manager installed or their security software is interfering with the download. I honest believe that download managers provide zero benefit so you should make sure you don't have them installed. And if you are having trouble downloading anything (from Graphics Unleashed or elsewhere), try a different browser! I know that almost every single person who has trouble downloading is using the worst browser on the market, Internet Explorer. There are great alternatives and they are absolutely free. Please read Install Multiple Web Browsers and Avoid Download Managers for more details.

Seamless Textures

I got a phone call from a loyal reader last week who wondered if we might have some wood fills for use in a project. Of course we do! We have more than 1900 Seamless Textures in our Textures Unleashed collections. They include collections of  Wood | Metal | Stone | Terrain | Fire & Ice | Ground & Plants | Floor, Wall & Bricks | Fiber | Tile & Path | Marble | Crystals | Tech | Metal II | Diamond Plate | Circuits. You can download a PDF catalog for every collection for free and save it on your computer for future reference. Of course you should just purchase a few of the collections and put them to use immediately in your projects!

Can You Help Me?

Quite often I'll get an e-mail or call from a loyal reader asking if I can help them with this one little thing. Rarely is it truly one thing and it typically isn't that little. Yet in almost every case, I'm asked to provide my time and assistance for free. I'd love to help you, but I have to ask you to respect that my time, like yours, is valuable. There is no outside entity paying me to help you. I make small blocks of my time available to you at a reasonable price. So if you'd like my help, all you have to do is purchase a small block of my time.

Deals Ending Soon

In CoCut Standard and Professional for Vinyl Cutting or Print and Cut, I told you there was a special offer for anything who purchased by September 14, 2014. Buy one full version and get another license for free! There are a few days left on this deal, so take advantage now before it ends.

In Special Savings For Loyal Readers, I provided a coupon code with big savings. I only made a limited number of coupons available and there is only one remaining as of the time of this writing. The next person to take advantage will be the last.

Corel is offering $100 cash back to anyone who purchases a full version of CorelDRAW X7 prior to November 30, 2014. Details of this offer can be found in Switch to CorelDRAW X7, Get $100 Cash Back.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Power Up Our Dream Computer With XFX Pro 1050W Power Supply

In the past few weeks, I've listed several of the components that I would include in a "dream computer". They are not the least expensive components nor are they the most expensive. Our goal is to get a lot of bang for the bucks invested in a computer. For those who have missed some of the previous posts, they are each listed below.
XFX Pro 1050W Black Edition Power SupplyNow we need to add some juice to our computer as it won't do us any good if we are unable to turn it on. We need a power supply capable of delivering a steady flow of good clean power to all of our components.

My theory has always been to choose a power supply that delivers a little more power than what we need just in case something else is added in the future. If you have seen power supplies, you may have noticed the wide variety of cables coming out of them. So it is also nice to have a PSU (power supply unit) where you only need to connect the cables needed.

For these reasons and more, I went with the XFX Pro 1050W Black Edition PSU. At 1050 watts, it delivers more than what we need without being complete overkill. The current selling price of $188.99 at Amazon doesn't break the bank, plus you can get an additional $30 back with a rebate.

So far we've put together a good core for our system. Next week I'll add another component as we get closer to completing our dream computer.

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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

How We Got Around Facebook's Silly Rule About Text in Dialog Boxes

Last week in my Monster Monsoons, Amazing Sunsets, Beautiful Flowers and Facebook's Dumb Rule post, I explained how Facebook's complete lack of common sense deemed that a post of a dialog box was in violation of their rules. I also complained loudly about this policy in Facebook Advertising Rules and Common Sense Not Always in Alignment.

As a reminder, the most recent post they deemed to be in violation of their policy is shown below. Note that the embedded posts will not display in e-mail, you need to read this post on the Web.

So if someone wants to promote a font, they aren't allow to include a graphic displaying the font itself. Software developers and trainers aren't allowed to show a dialog box if it contains text. It seems Facebook only wants pictures of cats and babies. I fought back by blurring the "offensive" graphic, putting a cat on top of it and adding the word "censored" as shown in the post below.

I don't know about you, but I find the "photo" much less relevant in the post they allowed. But if I have to do this to be within their rules, I'll do it. A better solution would be for Facebook to revisit a rule that just makes no sense.

In that post last week, I also talked about some monsoon storms that hit Phoenix last month. Well we got the big one yesterday! The amount of rain received at the Phoenix airport was an all-time record and many people are calling it the "100 year storm". How bad was it? The major interstate into downtown from Los Angeles was completely underwater as you can see from the post below.

For those who are worried, there were no injuries to people stuck underwater in this photo. Unfortunately the cars weren't as lucky.

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Monday, September 08, 2014

Do You Need To Clean Out Your Old Habits?

No matter the task at hand, you have probably developed a routine for completing it if it is something you do on a regular basis. Every now and then we all need to revisit the steps we use to complete these tasks to see if there is a better way to do it. You might find it can complete the task in half the time. Or maybe there will be a new method that delivers a better result.

Only you know what tasks you complete on a regular basis. Should you revisit one task each week to see if there is a better way? One a month? Three a week? There is no right or wrong answer as long as you do revisit them regularly.

If the tasks are something within your graphics software, I may have covered my methods in a previous blog. I encourage you to visit the Blog Archive page to read up on older posts. Another method would be to use the search box at the top right of every page on the site to search our site for answers. To get the best results include at least 2-3 words in the search. Of course some answers may also be in my CorelDRAW Unleashed DVDs so I hope you have a copy installed on your computer as a super reference tool.

While I do my best to help you come up with a better method, you actually may have an even better way. I would love it if you would share your techniques with me. With your permission, I'll share them in a future blog post giving you full credit.


Sunday, September 07, 2014

These Circuits Seamless Textures Will Light Up Your Designs

Since users have a wide variety of needs when it coming to filling areas of their designs, we continue to create new seamless textures to give you even more options. A new collection of seamless textures featuring 144 different circuits patterns has been added to our Textures Unleashed collections. If you aren't aware of the many ways you can use seamless textures, we have a number of free tutorials available for different software.
Make sure the visit the Textures Unleashed Volume 15: Circuits page where you can see a larger sample than the one shown below as well as download a free PDF catalog showing all 144 of the included textures. If you want a DVD with four sizes of each texture included the ultra detailed 2048x2048 files, we've got that for you. There is also a "Lite" version of the collection including just the 256x256 tiles that you can download soon after ordering.
Seamless Circuits Patterns
Seamless Textures | Seamless Bitmaps | Seamless Patterns

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