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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Remember Your Passwords Automatically!

Do you use the same password on all the Web sites you visit? If not, do your forget many of them? Or do you completely forget the login information? I'm guess all of the above applies to many of us. Unfortunately that is one way that the bad guys get into our accounts. When you forget your information, you have to ask for help and that is frustrating for both you and for the Web site you are wanting to visit.

All of these are reasons to give Roboform a serious look. You create a single master password for Roboform and it protects all of the other passwords. Anytime you visit a site and log in, Roboform will ask if you want to save the information. You can choose to keep it or not. When you visit that page in the future, one click on the Roboform toolbar will fill and submit the login. Of course, this is only available if you have successfully entered the master password at the beginning of your browsing session.

This is really helpful when you need to create a new password for a site. Typically you enter something really basic. Roboform will generate a crazy complex password for you. It is a password so complex that no human would ever remember (or guess) it. Since Roboform saves it for you, you don't have to remember it. And the bad guys will never crack it!

This only touches on how Roboform can both makes your browsing safer and make it easier for you. I would go crazy without it. Download the free trial and give it a spin. I know that you'll love it if you give it a try. Then you'll need to purchase a license. For me, it was money well spent for the time it has saved and the security it provides.



Blogger Gerard said...

Another really nice option is called LastPass -, and it is cross-browser / cross-platform / cross-computer.


3:39 PM  

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